First Lien Home Equity Loan

This is the perfect loan for those with significant equity in their home wanting to refinance and take advantage of a lower rate and avoid the closing costs of a traditional mortgage refinance. If you owe less than $250,000 and have at least 20% equity in your home, we offer a First Lien Home Equity Loan. This is the perfect option if you:

  • Have equity in your home
  • Want a lower interest rate
  • Want to avoid traditional closing costs

The reduced closing costs are quickly recouped, compared to the cost of refinancing into a conventional mortgage. There is an added benefit of seeing this loan on your regular statement: it can be viewed through our online and mobile banking site so you can make payments anytime, and anywhere.

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Construction Loans

If you would rather build than buy, we can help! Financing is available for lot purchases and construction costs. Once your home is built, our Mortgage Officers can help secure permanent financing.

Protect Your Loan

Debt Defender is a voluntary loan payment protection product that gives you relief from unexpected financial burdens. Protected life events include disability, loss of life, and involuntary unemployment.