When it comes to managing your money, budgeting is the key ingredient to success. Careful planning, patience, and tracking of expenses can help you better your financial situation. Developing a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. It is an important tool that provides consistent guidance in financial decision making. If you want to ensure your daily choices and habits align with your goals, then you need to make a budget.

Where to Start

A good place to begin is to create a working monthly budget. We offer two different resources for you. The first option is built in our online banking both for your computer and our app under the budget tab. Here, you can link all your accounts from different financial institutions in one place. This allows you to visualize your financial picture as a whole. You can create different categories giving you the ability to see your spending and your debts all within our secure online banking. 

The second resource is our Home Budget Calculator. This is an online calculator with spending categories already predetermined. Either option will give you an idea of where you’re currently as well as allow you to review your results and use them to:

  • Identify Your Goals – Both short term and long term
  • Be Realistic – Differentiate between real needs and wants
  • Set Priorities – Based on your situation and how important they are to you
  • Calculate – Realistic figures on your living expenses

If you would like additional help with your budget and financial goals please sit down with our Financial Counselor. We are here to help you make a plan to pay down debt, ensure your budget is realistic, and give you the support you need to meet your financial goals.