woman and young girl with piggy bank

Does the idea of saving more seem nearly impossible? We have a few tricks that can help you make your financial goals a reality.

Major expenses can appear in an instant. Whether it is a home or vehicle repair, a medical bill or unexpected job loss, having an emergency fund can make a huge difference when it comes to financial recovery. Building that emergency fund can be a daunting task but following these five habits that can make saving a bit easier.

1. Identify Your Why

What are you saving for? Whatever it is, having a tangible goal can drive your motivation to keep going. It can be something specific like a car, house or vacation, or your goal could be getting to a specific number, like “have a balance of $500 in my savings account.” Set goals, reach them, and make new ones or increase them accordingly.

2. Save First, Spend Second

This comes back to the good old phrase: pay yourself first! Set your direct deposit so part of your paycheck is automatically deposited into your savings account. Use a separate account (ex. checking account) for spending on things like housing, utilities, vehicles and groceries. If the money you want to save is never in the same account as the money you need to spend, you’ll be more likely to leave it in that account and get closer to your saving goals.

If your employer doesn’t give you the option to split your direct deposit between multiple accounts, set up a recurring automatic transfer that lines up with pay day!

3. Be Creative

Changed results require changed behavior. You will have to be willing to make a few changes to reach your money goals. If you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, start small. Saving $5 - $10 per month is better than saving nothing. Everyone must start somewhere, and every situation is different. Begin by taking a hard look at your most recent checking account statement. See if you can find one or two (or more) expenses that are either unnecessary or you could spend less on going forward.

4. Pay Less for What You Need

Make a conscious effort to shop around for the best price possible where you can. Pick one or two expenses to focus on, like garbage service or cable TV. Research competitors or alternatives, and you may find you can have the same quality service or something similar for a fraction of the price.

5. Stay Inspired

Like most goals, saving takes perseverance! You may find it hard to stay motivated at times. Find books, blogs, vlogs, quotes or other sources that inspire you. Sometimes we all need a little motivational boost; make yours easy to access and keep it at the front of your mind.

Incorporate one or more of these habits to begin working toward your savings goals and strengthening your financial well-being. We’re here to help you get started. Call (800) 535-2129 to speak to a Member Service Representative and take the first step today!