COVID-19 Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance

We understand that COVID-19 is more than a health concern, and the economic impact continues to grow. As a member of MEFCU, our priority is ensuring you don’t have to worry about your financial health during these uncertain times. To that end, we have options and resources to help ease your financial stress during this time. 

  • Financial Guidance - Our full-time Financial Counselor is available to you for free consultation and financial expertise.
  • Loan Payment Flexibility - If your financial situation is such that loan payment deferrals or other payment flexibility is needed, simply call us and we’ll work together, based on your personal situation.
  • Credit Cards - We provide expedited approvals for new credit cards or line of credit increases.
  • Unsecured Loan Approval - Do you find yourself worrying about your debt? Has COVID-19 had an impact on your work schedule or income? We are here to help and we love saving our members money!
  • Consumer Loan Assistance - Contact us today if you need assistance with loans at other providers. Our low rates, no-cost refinance for secured loans, as well as 3-month payment deferrals can help ease your financial burden during these uncertain times, and may save you money over the life of your loan.
  • Managing Your Finances - Feeling uncertain on what to do next? Find out answers to questions you may have on CARES Act, furlough, retirement funds and more.

Rest assured, MEFCU remains safe and secure in these turbulent economic times. In times of uncertainly, please know caring for our members remains our priority.