Did you know?
MEFCU was in the top 1% of growth in membership and asset size for US credit unions last year.

Refinancing a Loan to MEFCU

If you have loans with other financial providers, a great way to save money is to refinance with MEFCU to lower your rate.  Many of these (new and used auto, RV/boat, personal, credit card, etc.) we will refinance from another provider for free!

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Take advantage of these historic rates today!

Refinancing Vehicle Loans to MEFCU

Have a vehicle loan elsewhere at a higher rate than MEFCU's?  We can refinance that here for free, and start saving you money today.  Get the vehicle paid off in the amount of time you currently have left on the loan, yet pay less than you currently do with each payment...

What is the downside?

Steps to refinance to MEFCU:
  1. Compare your current rate to MEFCU rates
  2. If we have a lower rate, simply request a loan online