We served dinner to Ronald McDonald House families.

Community support is shown in a variety of ways, and dinner on May 17th was no exception. With warm lasagna, creamy fettuccine alfredo, fresh salad, served with French bread and sweet treats. A group of ten MEFCU staff didn’t head home after work; they went directly to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare dinner for families staying there. At the Ronald McDonald House, they call it family dinner. Groups come in and prepare food so the last thing families need to worry about is what is for dinner when they return from appointments or visiting their child who is staying in the hospital. This is an annual tradition for MEFCU staff that enjoys the opportunity to serve such a special group of guests!

A tour of the main floor showcased all the ways our community supports the RMH. From a free ice cream bin to a 25 cent pop machine, plus a craft room and laundry room – with many supplies donated, it was a great introduction to the organization. There was also a Paw Pals program scheduled for the evening. This program has therapy dogs come to visit families in the main lobby. For many families, the RMH is their home away from home – and they miss their pets. Paw Pals gives them the opportunity to have some special animal bonding time. As we headed out the door after dinner we even got the chance to meet Toby, a Newfoundland dog that specializes in water rescue and is described as a gentle giant!

Supporting the Ronald McDonald House is just another way we continue to live our tagline ‘You care for them, we care for you.’