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Finally, a Personal Financial Management tool that allows you to examine your entire financial life in one safe location.  This powerful program automatically loads all of your MEFCU accounts and allows you to add your accounts from thousands of financial providers worldwide... all for free.

Gain a full grasp of your entire financial life with MEFCU's Finance Fusion!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finance Fusion?

A personal financial dashboard with a consolidated picture of your finances that is available anytime.

Is it secure to use?

The transmission of data is protected using industry recognized encryption standards, such as 128-bit. User passwords are transmitted and stored in encrypted format at all times.

Is there a fee to use it?

No, this is available free of charge for our members.

Who has access to my Finance Fusion account?

You create, and only you know your password. No one can access your account unless you provide them with this information. No employees have access to your password.

Do I need to be enrolled in Online Banking to use this service?

Yes, you would need to be enrolled in online banking to have access to Finance Fusion.

Who has access to my data? How is the information used, and do you sell it?

We will not sell or share your data with anyone unless requested by you through the opt-in feature of the service. Our Privacy Policy describes, in detail, how we will protect your personal privacy and keep your personal information secure.

Can I link additional account to this application?

Yes, the Link Account page allows you to add a new account, complete the addition of previously selected accounts, find popular accounts, or create a manual account.

What type of rewards programs can I add?

You can add frequent flier, car rental, hotel, and other rewards accounts.