Online Banking Upgrade FAQs

Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account numbers stay the same? What about any direct deposits or automatic withdrawals I have set up?

Yes, your account number and our routing number will remain the same. This upgrade doesn’t affect any direct deposits or automatic withdrawals you have coming into or out of your account, those will continue uninterrupted.

Will I still be able to use the old MEFCU mobile banking app?

No. Once the new platform is launched, the new and improved MEFCU Mobile Banking app will be made available and we will be retiring the old Mobile Banking app. If you attempt to open the old Mobile Banking app on or after the launch day, you will be directed to download our new app.

How do I set up transfers from my accounts at other financial institutions?

You will have the ability to add external accounts through the transfer menu. Once you confirm test deposits to the account, you’ll be able to transfer to and from your MEFCU accounts and accounts at other financial institutions you have established.

Do I need to use a certain browser?

The upgraded online system works best in Chrome.

What changes will I see in the functionality of Bill Pay?

MEFCU Bill Pay will now be directly integrated into our online banking product. You will be able to add payees, set up payments, receive eBills, etc. all without going to a separate bill payment site.

Will my bookmarks no longer work?

Once our new site goes live, you may need to update your bookmarks to