Member Testimonials

"I came to MEFCU when my credit card rate hiked up at my bank.  Rose set me up with a Visa that had an amazing rate and saved me over $60 a month.  I was so pleased; I just came back for a new car loan!  Thank you MEFCU!" - Colby, Jacksonville

"When I called MEFCU for a Home Equity Loan, Jeremy spent time working through my entire financial profile to ensure I wasn't paying more than I should.  He saved me a significant amount of money each month by securing my credit card debt with MEFCU at half the rate I was paying, with personal service you won't find anywhere else!  Jeremy actually took my loan check and deposited it into my account on his lunch break!  I've had many great experiences with MEFCU and I will be a member for life!" - Karen, Mankato

“My husband is just completing a two year fellowship at Mayo in Rochester. Prior to moving here, we sold our home out East and were considering purchasing a home in Rochester.  We were not sure at the time if the fellowship would be one or two years.  The price of homes in Rochester seemed so good compared to what we knew on the East Coast. I contacted Sandy Hillesheim at MEFCU by phone in January 2006 to discuss mortgage options. Because she doesn’t work on commission, I trusted her opinion immediately.  After explaining the situation to Sandy, she encouraged us to reconsider our decision to buy in Rochester.  Sandy suggested renting an apartment because houses were not selling very quickly and we could be setting ourselves up for a difficult situation following the fellowship.  We took her advice and rented in Rochester.  My husband recently accepted a job on staff at Mayo Jacksonville and we were thrilled to learn that MEFCU can do financing in the state of Florida, so we returned to MEFCU and Sandy because of the honest, great advice she gave us in the past.  We closed on our new home in Florida. It was wonderful to be able to buy a home in Florida without having to worry about selling a home in Rochester.” - Catherine, Jacksonville

"My husband and I were married just over a year ago, and we were interested in looking for a new 'last' home. When we were offered an opportunity for a credit fitness examination, we thought it wise to do so. We scheduled that appointment and were both very impressed with the individual attention we were given, and how well organized the presentation was. Within just a few minutes we were both better able to understand how all of the different factors influenced our credit score, and what we could do in the future to ensure that score continued to climb. Luke knew the answers to every one of our questions, and went into great detail about each aspect of our credit history. It was the best 15 minutes we could have possibly spent to become well educated in a complex and important issue. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!" - Geri, Rochester

"I wouldn't bank anywhere else!  It is the service and helpful people that keeps me coming back!" - Sandy, Rochester

"When I decided to swap my SUV for a more efficient vehicle, I was floored by how helpful Kent was.  Not only did he ensure I received a great rate for my new car loan, he took care of it over his lunch hour!  Since that experience, I have opened a checking account with the MEFCU and am very pleased!" - Terri, Rochester

"From the time of my application, through getting the car, signing the documents and getting it registered in Arizona, Tim Kramer in your Phoenix office has been a great help." - Member, Phoenix

"Thank you for everything.  You need to know how grateful I am.  In a time when it was very hard to keep my head up, you treated me with dignity and compassion.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness then and now." - Member, Rochester

"When I came to get an auto loan, it pleasantly surprised me that MEFCU took the extra step of ensuring I wasn't overpaying for my new Jeep!  Jennifer gave me the paperwork to help haggle with the dealer and in the mean time, she actually found the same vehicle for elsewhere at a much lower cost!  The loan process was short and simple and MEFCU helped me save about $3,000 on the price of the Jeep!" - Blake, Rochester

"MEFCU worked perfectly into our lives by helping us find a way to save almost $200 a month!   It helped tremendously with the economy the way it is, as we didn’t have to take a little bit here and there from our other needs to pay for our son’s tutoring… all we had to do was move our auto loan to MEFCU for free!  Joey did an awesome job, thank you MEFCU!” - Jill, Rochester

"I came to MEFCU to refinance an auto loan.  Jeremy found a way to save me over $600 a month, in addition to helping me with what I asked for!  Thank you MEFCU!" - Tammy, Rochester

"Anyone connected with MEFCU are superior in all areas.  Outstanding organization!" - Andrew, Rochester

"Debbie, I just wanted to thank you for all your help.  I will  move into my new house next week and I couldn't have done it without you." - Member, Rochester