Bill Pay Upgrade FAQs

Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

What days will I not be able to access Bill Pay?

Our Bill Pay site will be inaccessible from May 6th – May 12th, 2020.

Will my bills that I have scheduled to be paid during that time still be paid?

Yes, any bills that are scheduled from May 6th – May 13th, 2020 will be paid on the date you specified.

Will I need to set up all my payees in the new bill pay site?

No, all your payees should transfer over to the new site. It is a good idea to verify in the new bill pay site to make sure the information transferred correctly.

What about my eBills?

Your eBills will not come over into the new system. At this time, we recommend logging into our current bill pay site to double check what eBills you have set up. We suggest taking a screen shot or photo of the information, so that you will have the information to verify on our new bill pay site. If you have already received an eBill for a payment due after May 6th, we recommend you print or take a screen shot of that bill so you can reference it for payment once the new bill pay system is live.

If possible, log in and cancel your existing eBills before May 6th, as this will expedite the process of setting up your eBills on our new site. If you choose not to cancel your existing eBills, a request to cancel the eBill will be sent to payees on May 14th. Payees have up to two months to cancel the eBill and you will not be able to reestablish the eBill until the payee has confirmed the cancelation request. 

What about Auto Pay or Scheduled Payments?

If you have auto payments scheduled they will continue until May 13th. If you have payments set up to be paid after May 13th, you will need to reestablish those in the new system. 

What about my account to account transfers?

Account to account transfers will not continue, as they will no longer be going through our Bill Pay. With our new online banking, you can set up external accounts and send or receive funds from other financial institutions transfers directly from your account dashboard.

What about my memo line notes?

Any information you have saved for memo lines will need to be recreated in the new Bill Pay site.

Will all my bills now send electronically?

The way your payees are processed may change. Bills paid by check previously may now process as an electronic payment. The opposite may also be true, and some bills may now be paid with a check. Your account will be debited on the date you indicate for the delivery/due date of your bill.

When can I access my Bill Pay history?

You will be able to see bill pay history, including that from prior to the conversion, by the end of May.

How do I know what day the money for my payee will come out of my account?

Your account will be debited on the date you indicate for the delivery/due date of your bill.