We Saved Our Members Almost

$19 Million in 2013!

In 2013 we pledged to save members $18.0 Million.  Not only did we meet our goal we surpassed it by $970,687!  Stories came in from our nine offices across four states of members thrilled with the money they were saving on the loans they brought over from other financial providers.  Members have shared their plans to use the savings to help fund college expenses, an upcoming car purchase, even a dream vacation. 

If you were not one of the members who found out they could save money on their monthly payments, it isn’t too late!  There is still time to switch, and save money.   Browse the tabs below to see if you fall under one of the examples…odds are good we can help save you money before your next loan payment is due.

How can we help you in 2014?

Refinancing Vehicle Loans to MEFCU

Have a vehicle or motorcycle loan elsewhere at a higher rate than MEFCU's?  We can refinance that here for free, and start saving you money today.  Get the vehicle paid off in the amount of time you currently have left on the loan, yet pay less than you currently do with each payment.

Lower your rate!

Steps to refinance to MEFCU:
  1. Compare your current rate to MEFCU rates.
  2. If we have a lower rate, simply request a loan online.  Remember, we also have our Best Rate Guarantee!