Welcome New MEFCU Members!

Hello and welcome to the Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union!  This merger is a culmination of months of hard work from both FSCU and MEFCU staff, and we are excited to present you with the information on the tabs below.  Upon review of this information, if we didn't answer your specific question please let us know!  We are here to help either in person, on the phone, using Live Chat, or over e-mail at mefcu@mayo.edu.  

The MEFCU family is happy to welcome you to one of the strongest credit unions in the Midwest!

Important Online Banking Information

When will I be able to log into Online Banking?  

We encourage all of our new members to use our Online Banking!  Simply click here to be up and running in minutes!  Once you have enrolled, we encourage you to print and follow the directions on the confirmation page, or just click here for a handy log in guide

Will my old login ID and password work?  

No.  You will need to establish a new Login ID and password.  One great feature within Online Banking is the ability to change and personalize your Login ID.  Once logged in, simply click on "Security" to change.

What features are available within Online Banking and Mobile Banking?  

Click here for Online Banking features and here for Mobile Banking features.  In addition to these, we also have a Droid App, iPad App, Mobile Deposit, and more coming soon!